World History Chart
World History Chart
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World History Chart

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This entertaining World History Chart by Andreas Nothiger is an astounding educational item for every home, library, or school – a must for all students of history and a lot of fun for everybody else.

The World History Chart provides a perspective for a better understanding of the historical forces that shape today's global affairs.

"I have studied with great care this remarkable historical chart. I find it to be a work of both scholarship and imagination, and I would judge that any student who aspired to thorough knowledge in the field of history and civilization would profit from having this on hand." James A. Michener
"... I studied the World History Chart with the greatest of pleasure ..." Isaac Asimov
"... this work provided me with a very happy surprise. This Synchronopsis ha a value all of its own, which is yet missing in my own work: It makes it possible to survey the entire world history in one glance: at the same time it provides a most valuable combination of historical and geographical data ... for today my deepest congratulation for your valuable work, which I know required a major effort over many years ..." Dr. Arno Peters, Historian

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